Blue Ring #2

Blue Ring #2 (2018)
brass, oil paint on panel, ceramic

The skin intelligence of the members within the class of cephalopoda have been an inspiration for my work. The amazing transformation mechanism of the octopus and the cuttlefish is an extremely developed attribute of their body that makes them able to become invisible within their surrounding by mimicking surrounding colors and textures. This mechanism consists of numerous tiny pigment sacs “chromatophores” which an octopus can open and close in a wide array of different colors and patterns. Besides color change the octopusses, by muscle use, create little leaflike structures called papillae all over their skin and which gives an octopus a look other then an animal and is used as a selfdefense strategy.

Although octopusses are a very resilient species with the ability to evolve and adapt to new environments rather quickly, they suffer from habitat loss and food sources.

In Blue ring #1 and #2 I focussed on the Blue Ringed Octopusses skin intelligence and the way it uses its function to give off an extremely visually aesthetic warning signal. When in danger this less then 20 cm small species will give of an explicit high contrasted warning signal that are saturated dark rimmed blue rings over the surface of its body that pulsate to emphasize its message. The consequence of being bitten is being injected with a neurotoxic venom strong enough to kill 26 adult humans.

In these works I aimed to focus on the octopuses intelligent skin and transformation mechanism. In Blue Ring #2 the body of the ceramic sculpture is the environment in which the oil painting abides. The frame of the oil painting and the leaflike structures on the body are mimicking each other at the same time there is a coinciding interaction between the circles and pigment dots on both elements surfaces, merging the materials and shapes together into a synergetic body and environment.