Elleke Hageman

Lunella Undulata Brooch

Sterling Silver, Lunella Undullata shell

Height 38mm

Width 47mm
Depth excl. pin 6mm

This brooch comes from a series of works that is based on rock pools I have see on Australian beaches.
The rockpools are a small window into magic underwaterworld right at your feet. In these very complex and harsh habitats there is a wide diversity animals and plants and the Lunella Undulata sea snail is one of them. Because I love the green colour with the brown specs on the shell I took a couple of empty shells with me to my studio, making sure that no animals lived in it anymore.
Out of curiosity I decided to cut one open and was amazed by the wide array of color, gloss and the geometry that nature had constructed on the inside. I immediately became interested to make a piece of jewellery out of this. Making the holes in the shell to reference the rockpools and their contents.

This brooch is a one-of-a-kind design that is completely handmade. It is made for those who wish to wear exceptional jewellery that is unique.