Ghost of Coral

Ghost of Coral  (2019)
Overview exhibition

Focussed on the extinction of species all the works in this exhibition were considered by me personally as a “natural artefact” a man-made object that encapsulated a natural species essence or qualities. Each sculpture has it’s own narrative in this experience.

The floor of the space scattered with handmade ceramic coralskeletons after the image of bleached coral. To get closer to the sculptures the spectators had to walk over the coral crushing them underneat their feet this came associated with loud cracking noises .After a little while the coral made soft tinkling noises. This created a ver visceral, confrontational but also very attractive experience in an environment created by light, feeling and sound.

The visitors in the beginning of the exhibition had many difficulties crossing the coral, viewing it as a precious artistic object, made with much care. After a little while when the coral deteriorated, there was less resistance in the audience. Over the course of a couple of days I estimate that about 30% of the coral had been taken home without permission. This was an interesting overlap with  coralreefs in real life.