Phalaina Opsis 

Phalaina Opsis (2016)
Copper, brass, alpaca, wood, oil paint 15,5x14x4

This facetted sculpture is a continuation of my exploration in formalistic convergence.
In this work the geometric structure of the blue oil panel continues into a dynamic brass facetted confirmation, transmuting the two dimensional shapes into three dimensional forms. While working I imagined the facets being an “explosion”, emanating from an intensely colorful blue inner core to an expressive reflective, outgoing surface.
The structure’s composition recalls floral forms. Which led to its embedding within a natural pedestal, recollecting some epiphyte orchids who adopt trees as their host. I adapted a branch to become a carrier meanwhile leaving elements of the its natural character unimpaired.

The smaller geometrical fragments radiating out from the central object refer to the etymology of the orchid species Phalaenopsis Amabilis. Constructed from the greek terms Phalaina (like a (night) butterfly) and Opsis (to resemble). The orchid species was named when the Dutch botanist, Karel Lodewijk Blume (1796-1862 ), while being on an expedition in Java, witnessed a group of almost motionless moths fly close by a tree. The moths turned out to be orchids which he later titled Phalaenopsis Amabilis.