iron brass plexiglass, 70x60x120

In the universe and during the formation and death of a star (supernova) the four elements, out of which the human body is essentially made up, are created. When a star dies Iron and metals harder then Iron are created. This connection between the body, the universe and metals formed a large inspiration during the creation of this and other sculptures.

An aim with SUPERNOVA was to draw up a construction out of a single shape; the isosceles triangle. My aim was to create a somewhat more flexuous shape out of this rigid geometrical shape.

When I finished the top part of the construction it felt like it was an encapsulating protective space in which a precious object should reside. The precious object became a fragile body of clustered brass tetrahedron. Which is placed in the core of the external space. Although separated the two body's connect with a single gentle touch.

I wanted the decoration of the external object to be exceptional therefore I colored the external shape with an oxidisation process, tempering. A thin film interference layer refracts light on the surface of the metal, causing light to break in different angles and form different colors over the surface of the material. Science sometimes touches upon magic. The refraction which causes such a beautiful colors is almost magical to me.