Vselennaya (2016)

brass, perspex 11,5x9x8cm

The small hand on perspex in the centre, was the starting point for the small sculpture. It gave me the impression that it was reaching for something. Reaching to grasp something.

With this interpretation I started to construct an outer space for the hand. I wanted to create a body which would be protective and enlightening. The body would be shaped with globelike qualities so it could circumscribe the hand.

The circle in the globelike body contains a shape which is extracted from line drawings I regularly make. The line drawings contain elements which have impossible perspective. The rest of the shapes on the “wings” and the foot of the sculpture contain symbols which are inspired by historical cosmological illustrations. This line drawing and these shapes, to me, remind me of cosmology as a science to understand the world nowadays and in history.

What I think is beautiful is that the reaching hand is now encircled by a symbolical supportive outer body.