(handsculpture) (2015)
steel, perspex 15x0.4x120cm

I am fascinated by hands because of the support of meaning they provide, through gestures, to spoken language. Furthermore the hand is an extremity which has immense motion capacity and is, through its gesturing, a transmitter of emotional content. With some acuity the viewer will recognise the image is a part from my fathers hand. I have always thought his hands are beautiful. They are enormous and have a lot of character due to the popping veins and his rough skin structure. When he speaks he explains while gesturing vigorously.

The image due to the material its printed on illuminates itself. The pedestal I created for the image does not interfere with the image its carrying, simultaneously it unites itself through its little body and a similar slenderness to the image. The beauty is that the shape of the sculpture unifies the two elements, sculpture and image. The materials segregate the two.